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Recreational Skippers Tickets


Training and Assessments available any day of the week by appointment.




Complete your RST in 3 EASY STEPS.


1. Download the RST Workbook and study it in your own time.

2. Complete the Theory Test - easy Multiple Choice test.

3. Do the Practical Test.


Click on the link and download the RST Workbook or you can collect a copy from a Department of Transport Licencing Office.  Study the book at you own pace and complete the practice questions in the book.  We won't waste your time going through the book on the day of Assessment. Be ready to do the Theory Test on the day.


Skippers Ticket Workbook



The Theory Test is a multiple choice test sheet with 40 questions directly relating to the workbook you have just studied. 


The Practical Assessment is outlined in the back of the RST Workbook.  It is important that you fully understand the practical test requirements as no training can be given once the assessment starts.  We can practice together as much as needed before the assessment and then you will complete the practical assessment successfully!


Have a look at the youtube link below for a demonstration of the practical test.


Our boat is a Polycraft Centre Console - very easy to drive.


We can take bookings for any day of the week but if you prefer to avoid the busy weekends in the Marina, booking mid-week could be a better option for you.


Contact me direct through our contact page or telephone me to book now.


Garmah Jones 0403 095 868


Skippers Ticket Workbook


Quick Theory & Practical Test for those with boating experience including boat supplied:

$260 per person


Personal one on one sessions available or bring your mates.

Need extra help before sitting the theory or practical test -no problem. 


Power point presentation and theory session at $75.


Practical training and vessel handling to prepare you for the practical test starting at $75 per session.



Ask us about a group discount!



Authorised Provider Yachting WA.