Catch Your Own Crayfish



Ever wanted to go fishing for the Western Rock Lobster known locally as a 'Cray' or 'Crayfish'? 

Now you can even if you don't have your own boat.





  • Crayfish Small Charter now available.
  • Learn how to pull a cray pot safely and take home some fresh crayfish.
  • Learn how to identify 'keepers' and preserve our lobster species by correctly identifying males from protected females (tar spot and berried).
  • Small groups of 3 or 4 means you can share the boat catch limit of up to 24 crayfish depending on the catch.
  • No requirement for a recreational fishing licence.
  • Great way to get some extra boat handling experience if you have just got your RST or if you are thinking about getting one.

$150 per person.


*Prices may vary.


Contact me direct through our contact page or telephone me to book now.


Garmah Jones 0403 095 868